Empire vs Heat and Glow

Karen45624October 30, 2011

We are building a new home. We found an Empire vented fireplace insert (Tahoe luxury model) at a really good price. We also saw a Heat and Glow that was a lot more money that we liked. Does anyone have an opinion as to whether one is better than the other? Both used natural gas and have remotes.

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I'm just starting the process of choosing a NG fireplace and Heat n Glow is one I'm considering. The BTUs and features such as remote seem to differentiate thefts. Also how realistic the flames are. They get pricey! I'm also looking at Astria (Formerly Lennox) and Valor Vantana.

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Both make good fireplaces. With gas fireplaces the rubber meets the road at your satisfaction with the burn of the units. Find a place where you can look at the burn on each unit and decide from there.

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I think both are equally good. Moreover, if natural gas option is a bit relatively inexpensive option so i'll prefer this one over its counterpart.

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We are in the same boat, adding an addition and will be installing a new fireplace. Have looked at a Lennox model, Ambience Model and a heat n Glo. Hard to find a good place around us to see several different brands side by side. So far I like the Heat n Glo 6000CLX series. I am kind of surprised by the price of these units, we had a $2,000 allowance in the bid for the fireplace.

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