Wood install on concrete with moisture issues, is it possible?

jerseygirl07067February 22, 2012

I live in FL, and would like to put engineered wood on a concrete slab. From what I have researched, I should have a moisture test done, but I realize moisture content can change with the seasons, humidity, etc. Our summers are wet and humid and since our existing carpet has a slightly moldy smell at times, especially as the weather warms up, I will assume we may find moisture issues with our slab.

So assuming there is a moisture issue, can a good wood install even be done, if using the proper moisture barrier? And would glue down or floating be best in this situation. We plan on using engineered wood, if this is feasible.

If this is feasible, recs for specific products/moisture barriers, etc. for the concrete would be appreciated.

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You can't do it until you fix the problem. Check the site grading, the gutters, etc. Only then can you do a meaningful moisture test of the slab. Maybe then it would be possible. If you don't fix the problem, you'd just be growing mold under any vapor barrier you might put down and your house would still be as musty smelling.

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Triple moisture barrier with a floater, or use a troweled on membrane, like Bostik's MVP-4, with Bostik's BEST, or BST adhesive, for a full bond gluedown.

The 2-n-1 glues are expensive and are prone to many problems, that can be blamed on installation error.

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