Slate flooring for beach house?

freedeeFebruary 8, 2012

What is the easiest flooring to maintain in a beach house bathroom? What material can withstand sand the best and is easy to clean. I like the idea of slate but I'm wondering if the sand will get caught in the texture.

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Slate is generally a pretty soft material and, yes...the sand will likely scratch the surface...particularly if it's an inexpensive slate. Look into the porcelain "look-alikes" in a slate-like appearance. Far superior in terms of wear resistance and maintenance.

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Slate is pretty high maintenance unless you prefer a look with "patina". That means lots of scratches from the sand, some shaling of the slate itself, and staining from various suntan lotions or food that might come into contact with it. If you don't care for the lived in look, check out porcelain. There are many choices, some resembling natural stone or wood.

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Thanks for your replies. I don't have my heart set on slate, I just thought it would be easier. I prefer porcelain. I suppose I need to stay away from shinny porcelain. Anyway, shinny floors are too formal looking for the jersey shore.

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