Asbestos Tile, Perimeter Drain

punkroxncokeFebruary 26, 2012

Hello all,

I've followed numerous posts on this forum on the asbestos tile topic. I thought I'd add to that number and hopefully get some insight.

My husband and I bought a house built in '53, with possible asbestos tile in basement. We went through with our house inspector and he picked up a piece of "supposed" tile and told us to take it into the lab for testing.

It came back negative. So we hired a basement waterproofing company to fix the water issue in the basement. This was paid for by the seller of the house. Now, i am not 100% sure how they installed the drain. I know they either used a jackhammer or wet saw to dig into the concrete. They took out about two rows of tile along the entire basement, two rooms approx. 400sqft each. The tile that was left was in perfect condition so that makes me hopeful they used a wet saw and not a jackhammer.

Anyways, when we moved into the house we were sweeping and mopping up some leftover dirt and dust the workers left in the basement and I thought to myself, what will it hurt testing the tile one more time? Turns out it was asbestos, 2%, and the house inspector picked up the edging for us to test.

I freaked, had an abatement company come in. They started with preliminary air testing which came back with a zero fiber reading. I still wanted it gone so we hired them to remove it all and the mastic (which tested negative for asbestos). They left their huge commercial grade air filtering system in our basement overnight after they were done with their work as well. Air testing afterwards had zero fiber readings in basement as well as upstairs, with one reading in basement reading I would like to put this all behind me, but my husband and I have been coughing since we moved in this past fall. I got a chest xray which was normal, and my doctor assures me it's almost a wive's tale that the asbestos is ever released from the tile. That didn't make me feel better.. So far I have had my doctor, the owner of the abatement company, and the asbestos testing analyst assure me all is well and even spending the money to have the tile removed was unnecessary because of the high cost. My grandfather also told me to shut the h*ll up about it already because he installed his own asbestos tile in his basement back in the day and he's still kickin'.... :)

We even had the air ducts cleaned and installed a HEPA whole house air filtering system. The highest exposure was definitely when we first moved in and went to town cleaning up the waterproofing company's mess. They did however give it a once-over because there was muddy mopprints all over the tile.

I feel like there is asbestos floating through my heating/cooling system and constantly recirculating it and it's driving me bonkers.

I appreciate anyone who took the time to read through this short story.. I would appreciate any feedback/comments you have to offer. I'm hoping a 6 or so hour workday spent cleaning the possible dust up won't kill me before I hit 40. Nor the lingering dust that hasn't made it through the filtering system.. I did get passing air results though didn't I? Sigh, 4 months later and it still crosses my mind every day.

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It is not a crime to visit a therapist. Honestly, we are all mentally made up much different...You have been told by everyone that you and your house is fine. In all seriousness, you must either sell your house or visit a therapist to try to help you. I have been to a therapist and good ones do wonders. This is in your head now and you must find a way to remove it or find a different house. Just my opinion and I really feel for you. Your mind can play awful tricks. Good Luck.

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I think Floortech's good advice may be something for you to seriously consider. And don't ever take up smoking of tobacco or any other weed.

Your possible casual contact, if you had any at all, is nothing to worry about. Your doctor is correct in his saying to you that "it's almost a wive's tale that the asbestos is ever released from the tile." You have to work very hard to get fibers out of an ACM. And the air quality readings you had dome came back negative, except for the tiny hit in the basement, so what is your worry here? In some locations there is usually a "background level" of asbestos fibers in a cubic litre of air sample, so it occurs naturally as well.

Take care.

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Thank you both for posting. It's honestly never hit me to talk to a therapist, but I can see how it could do wonders for me.

We are picking up some home improvement projects with the change in weather, and I've visited home and garden shows to get ideas for updating. It's pretty great to actually be excited to work on the house again, instead of being afraid.

If it still hasn't past by that point I will def seek some therapy.

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