Jotul Vs Lopi

rmshillOctober 14, 2009

My local dealer is suggesting either a Lopi or Jotul Wood burning insert. We live in NC where the winters are very mild so this stove is really only for supplemental heat (we have a horrible heat pump) and asthetics. Our house is a 2500 sq ft contemporary home with vaulted ceilings and a very small second floor. Can someone give me opinions on which brand we should choose and which model. Obviously, we are not trying to heat 2500 sq ft but I don't know where to choose the smallest unit or middle sized. Thanks!

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We live in S Calif. We bought the Valor, we had the fan installed to keep heat from hitting a ledge that was above the fireplace--but that really helped with the way the fireplace heats the room too. We have a 2650 sq ft house, 2 story, and that fireplace heats up the whole downstairs all by itself and quickly too! It has a hand held remote than can turn the fire down to a flicker or a roaring inferno (Most fireplaces with remote can only be turned down fromm full on to 75-80% of full on) Lopi, like Valor is an exception here, alto they turn off one of the burners using a different button on the remote--the Valor is continuously variable. Another nice thing is the remote has a temp sensor in it, so you can put the remote by your fav chair and it automatically adjusts the fire up/down to keep the temp at what you wish, at that chair. It also has a timer , so you can tell it what time to come on, if you like to have the fireplace off at night but come on early AM to warm up the house.
Dummy here, (Me) replaces the forced air furnace and AC about 6 months before we bought that fireplace---complete waste of money, since the 2 years or so we have had that fireplace we probably have turned on the forced air just a couple of times and that was to heat the upstairs.
Good luck, I think you will be happy with either the Valor or the Lopi, I just did a lot of investigation, lately, as I want to put a fireplace in the Master Bedroom and it will be either Valor or Lopi.


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