Hardwood floors

kjordanx4February 3, 2013

I'm updating my 90s oak kitchen, finally! We are staining our oak cabinets a jacobean color. We have white oak floors and don't want to go as dark as that on the floors. We have a golden oak/provencial stain mix on them now. If possible, I would like to get away from the reds, yellows, and oranges that I have on my floor now. Any suggestions?

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Sophie Wheeler

So, you want an completely unnatural color for the floors? All wood has red or yellow tones in it. All browns have red or yellow tones in them. You can choose something with a green tone to mask some of the wood's natural red or yellow, but that can be tricky in the hands of a novice. And you won't completely eliminate the wood's natural tones, just modify them to not be so overt. That is, if it's applied correctly. If it's incorrectly applied, you will end up with a sickly greenish floor.

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