Problems w/ flooring installation company

KatrynaFebruary 9, 2012

Looking for some advice here. In December 2010 a salesman came to my home for flooring options b/c I wanted to replace carpeting in 2 bedrooms. I have 3 dogs and explained to the salesman that I did no want the carpeting b/c of problems w/ dog pee accidents. He recommended laminate flooring. It was installed in the bedrooms; I really liked it, so had the rest of the house done. The total was approx $5600. A few months later, I noticed various areas of the floor that had expansion/warping. I called the flooring company and was told it was because of the dog pee; that they would replace the flooring at cost to me. I said this is not acceptable b/c I specifically told he salesman I wanted to get rid of the carpeting for this same reason. Some Wall postings on their FaceBook page and many phone calls later; I'm being offered vinyl tile being installed at no cost to me. My problem is, the salesman never should have recommended laminate in the first place. I know the vinyl tile is much cheaper, and they're probably making this offer as a compromise, however they are still saying they won't give me a refund b/c they don't feel they are in the wrong or that the salesman did anything wrong by recommending laminate floors. I told the regional manager I would have to think about this offer. I'm very angry about this. When I call back, I'm going to ask him why he is offering vinyl laminate as a resolution -if he responds that this is the best for my situation (the dogs), then why didn't the salesman recommend that in the first place?? I would have saved money and wouldn't be in this situation now. The regional manager keeps telling me they cannot guarantee any flooring 100% against dog pee; of course not, but that's not the point. The laminate was specifically recommended after I explained dog pee damage is why I wanted the carpeting replaced. Any suggestions on what I should do and how I should respond to this offer? Thank you.

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I hear ya loud and clear but I believe you are up the creek on this one. 1st off, dog pee will not hurt it, if it is wiped up quickly. Yours is being allowed to lie there while you are away, etc etc for a length of time. That will be considered abuse. We have a similar case right now...that we are working through..urine on the floor for 10 hours at a clip. In your case, it must be fairly extreme to swell the joints and that will be declared abuse to the floor regardless of statements made as details to those statements become he said she said. Take the accommodating offer here and realize that many stores would be running from the situation. I say this from the bottom of my heart. It's just not a perfect world. Good luck.

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I would not have recommended any vinyl tile or laminate, nor anything else in your situation, other than vinyl sheet with perfectly welded seams.

Unfortunately, I agree with the previous poster. The salesman oversold the laminate product to you and their offer is in compromise to make things right. I doubt, however, that vinyl tile is the correct product as a replacement.

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