What type of hardwood is right for me?

JadedBaronessFebruary 6, 2014

We would like to replace our hardwood floors. They are not in good shape and they are not to our taste. Our preference is a wider board and a darker wood with nice dark grains. It seems all of the floors like this are "handscraped" which would be fine but I question their durability? I think I would prefer wide boards that are not handscraped - do they exist? I haven't seen them in showrooms (I've been shopping local flooring stores).

I have three young children who like to drag chairs, toys, etc everywhere and I do not want to invest in a new floor that is prone to dings, scratches, etc. Our previous home had a builder grade Bruce 2 1/4 inch oak floor with a dark cherry finish. They held up just fine, showing minimal marks/scratches/damage after 7 years but were not my ideal in terms of the overall aesthetic. But that's my only experience.

Knowing that these floors will see heavy traffic and hard use, what type of hardwood floor should I be looking for? Or avoiding?

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If money isnt an issue look into some exotics. Brazilian cherry is nice or you could go Ipé, which is also nice. Both dense, naturally dark woods and can be in larger widths.

Dont know where your at but just guessing that local floor shops that sell everything (carpet, laminate,tile,wood) isnt the place to go.

Find a pro that only does HW and thats been in the biz for awhile. They can find you whatever you want.

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Thanks :) we are on a budget and have about 950-1000 feet of hardwood to install...plus maybe the stairs. I will look at your suggestions! And will look for someone who just does floors. We've been to a home show recently and know of the local carpet and/or flooring places. We avoid the big box stores. So I'm getting a variety of quotes currently based purely on the aesthetics of what we like on the showrooms but have no idea if the brands or species of wood types are "good" or right for us.

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You can look at brushed oak, it's gorgeous and durable. We are having it installed in a very dark color and the boards are 7 1/2" wide. We are getting it from a supplier in Canada but you can find a similar product elsewhere.

I will also add that we have had two homes with handscraped maple and they were extremely durable. The best part of handscraped is that the odd scratch or dent looks like it meant to be there and it feels great under bare feet.

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That's very helpful! Thank you :)

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have you considered wire-brushed?


Here is a link that might be useful: wire brushed

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