Jotul 450 Kennebec Newbie... How many break in fires???

hatrickOctober 15, 2009

I had a Jotul 450 Kennebec installed a couple of months ago and I am finally firing her up since it is now getting into the 30's. I was wondering how many break in fires I need to burn to get it properly "seasoned" before I can open her up.

I have already made two small fires the past two nights. The first one was very small and mild (1-2 small logs max at a time) which I burned for about 3 hours. It was hot enough to get the blower to come on but not hot enough to raise the room temperature more than a degree or two. The second burn was a bit hotter and did raise the room temp about 5 degrees but I was able to sit 12-18" away from the stove and it wasn't too hot that I had to move (even with the blower going in my face).

Do I need to do any more break in fires or can I safely crank it up and let her rip??



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We just got a Jotul Kennebec installed. Here is some info from Jotul's website:

Break -in fires

A series of three break-in fires are required. The first is to raise the surface temperature of the stove to 200 degrees. Another is to raise the surface temperature to 300 degrees. And yet another is to raise the surface temperature to 400 degrees. A stovetop thermometer is required for this procedure and the stove should be allowed to cool to room temperature between fires. Note: Use less wood. You can always add more. All current Jøtul wood-burning appliances are EPA certified and non-catalytic. EPA certified wood-burning appliances are not 'airtight.' Therefore, exact temperatures may not be able to be maintained. These temperatures are ideal and should be used as a guide for proper appliance break-in.

So it sounds like you need one more break in fire.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jotul getting started with wood

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