Any mop to recommend to clean laminate & tile floors?

janesylviaFebruary 6, 2013

We bought a house and will have laminate flooring installed. What mop can you recommend to clean the laminate floor and tile floor in the bathrooms?

Thank you very much.

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Unfortunately, a sponge mop or Swiffer will move the dirt and grit around and get trapped in the grout lines. Use only a string mop and change any dirty or even cloudy water. If the final wash isn't with clear water, you'll get hazing on ceramic tile. A swiffer is probably OK for laminate...

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I use water and vinegar for my tile and laminate. I use a mop with a removeable microfiber cloth. I take it off, soak it, wring it extremely well, mop and repeat when needed. I vacuum first before mopping (my vacuum has a bare floor setting). I think I got the mop at Lowes or Bed Bath Beyond. Main thing with laminate - do not spray anything directly on it and make sure any mop you use is wrung out very well. You do not want to saturate the floor.

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Microfiber. The old ways/products are good, but innovation and technology makes them better.

Here is a link that might be useful: Microfiber Swivel Household Mop

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Steam mop will work, you dont want to regular mop laminate.

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