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brdldystluOctober 20, 2007

Hello all. We are buying a house in the country and it has a wood burning fireplace/stove thing. I do plan on using it, chim. is good and inspected so we are good for the go. I have a question about the fire wood though. Can I use any wood if it has been split for over a year? I do plan on tagging some oaks in the woods for cutting/splitting for next winter but want heat this winter. I have a stack of wood at this house but don't know what it is. Has been used for a firepit outside so it didn't matter. But I split it around 2 years ago. It has been stacked on a rack but not covered. There is a metal shed close to the house and I am thinking it would be great for storing firewood. To small to do much more than that. But then I am also hoping that we can move it first, hate where it is.

Thanks for your help.


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wood cut & split a year ago will be fine to burn.
Wood cut 2 years ago will be plenty seasoned. I wouldn't hesitate to use it. A cover put on it now will keep it dry for use this winter.

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Be careful about storing wood to close to the house. It could contain termites or carpenter ants. My neighbor had to replace a whole wall of their house because the previous owners stored their wood to close to the house and some inside.

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I guess it all depends on where youlive. Because I stack about a cord at a time on my covered front porch. And I've been doing it since 1992 and have never seen a termite.

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Termites are in all 50 states with the exception of Alaska, apparently.

Try to use mostly hardwood, if you can. This will cut down on the amount of creosote that you get in the chimney.

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There are areas of this great country that just burn pine as that's all there is. And if the wood is seasoned enough the creosote wil not build up as the pine burns very hot. (And very fast). We use pine during this time of year and at the end of the season. We use the maple, oak, and beech in our stove during the winter.

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I haven't had a problem with termites, carpenter ants and wood boring insects either and I stack near my house. Wood boring insects don't touch painted, varnished, or treated surfaces and for the other pests make sure the wood is high off the ground and stays dry you then eliminate two of the four elements required for their survival.

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You certanily can burn well seasoned pine without problems if you're smart about it.

Given the choice, though, I'd burn hardwood like oak or maple just for the added BTU value.

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