Vented or Non-Vented in new home?

mjtx2October 27, 2011

I want vented logs but my builder *really* wants me to put in non-vented because of the heat lost through the cracks of the glass doors of the vented (when they're closed, of course). Code here doesn't allow a flue for gas logs. They said when they do a blower door test, the glass doors on the gas logs will be a big place heat will escape.

We're putting woodburning in the great room and what they don't know is we often don't even close the flue during the day in the winter because of the smoldering embers and carbon monoxide emitted from them. We burn wood fires four or five nights a week in the winter and use the embers from the night before to light the next night's fire half the time. And wouldn't we be losing heat through the woodburner's flue, anyway? Those things sure don't seem very airtight, at least the ones put in our other, older homes. Maybe things have improved there?

We just want the gas logs in the kitchen for ambiance, but they're about to go if this draft thing is a big problem! Thoughts? Ideas?

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Do not go with the ventless. Our home had one when we bought it and we rarely use it partially due to the smell it gives off. Yes, it does heat the place quickly which is a good thing. A ventless will not give you the ambiance a vented set will give you.

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