I need a new pellet stove ASAP :(

mini_meOctober 8, 2011

Our pellet stove (Whitfield Renaissance) was in our home when purchased 8 years ago. The control panel seems to have given out on us (blower stays on high all the time) BUT, these stoves were manufactured between 1990-1994. Sooo, no control panel to be had :( We could get a rebuild but then they are between $250 & $550 & seems only about 80% success rate?

I do not know what the BTU rating is on the old stove but would like to get one that works at least as well as this one has.

Our new-found dilemma is:

The area where this stove has to go, is built very much to fit the size of the Whitfield Renaissance. The Renaissance also has the stove pipe coming out of the top (top vent)? most I have seen now, have the back vent- which pushes the stove out even more from the wall. The tiled area is only built about 14" beyond the upper lip of our stove. With a stove much larger in depth- it will stick out further & enable little hands to touch the hot stove. (I have a licensed childcare & a 2 y/o must not be able to reach it)

The depth inside the built in safety fencing is 39" from back wall to inside edge of fencing. I have searched & SEARCHED for stoves to fit, that will keep my house warm (I live in Alaska & use this 24/7 from Oct-May) I am having a very hard time finding any pellet stove to #1 FIT the area, #2. HEAT about 1500sf, #3 nice looking (would LOVE the cream color again if possible), #4 somewhat economical.

I am having a rough time finding what we need. I saw one we liked a lot (actually a seller on ebay) and we were all set to go for it but the dimensions were to deep. Other than that it seemed perfect! It is 28-1/2" deep and must add another 1" wall clearance.

The one we looked at was an "Upland", but I find very little information on this brand on the net... and just about ALL is linked back to the ebay add. NO sales anywhere else on the net so I have no idea if I'm getting a deal or not- no reviews etc.

Beings I need the top vent, pickins are slim! I've also been looking at the Harman XXV as it has the optional top vent adapter.

Anyone have experience with either of these? We can't take a long time to make this decision as we just learned our was not working & we live in Alaska... it is not long & it'll be cold.

I've added a pic below (hope it shows up?) to show the set up we have.

Thank you!

If you've read this far, THANK YOU!!!!! If you have any thoughts or ideas.. I THANK YOU even MORE! :)

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I'm sorry, also wanted to add... we live in a very remote area in AK where we cannot have someone drive out to install a stove... we live on an island with a population of about 2,800 :)

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We are very happy with our Magnum Countryside pellet stove. While we opted to vent it out the back, I remember being given the option of venting up. I'm not sure how big your house is (how much space you have to heat), but the Baby Magnum might work well within your space. Good luck! I'll attach the link to their website. I bought it direct from the factory and did have it professionally installed, but they may be able to locate some additional options for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: American Energy Systems

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Has anyone had trouble with a westpoint pellet stove? I have had two and the fan keeps reving up and down when stove is first lit

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