Pilot lit, but burner won't start...

takamineOctober 1, 2009

Hi everyone. I installed a ventless gas insert last winter and it worked fine all winter. In the spring it stopped lighting and I didn't know why. The pilot stays lit and I have it set to turn on with a remote control (there is no electrical switch). I used to hear a "clicking" sound right before the burner lit, but now I hear nothing. When I try to bypass the remote and turn it on using the unit itself, I get nothing. The unit is in a basement and was definitely coated with a good amount of dust. The pilot is burning strong. I know very little about these things. Can somebody help me out? I appreciate any help I can get!

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Don't know if this will help but I have a vented propane gas insert and 4 days ago lit it .. pilot fine but burners wouldn't ignite. Just had my propane guy come look at it and turns out it's the thermocoupler (sp) needs replaced. Tried to get that "clicking" sound but no go. Didn't matter in my case that the pilot lite was strong. Just want to add the propane guy charged 125.00/hr rate so decided to get my faithful handyman to take care of it. Maybe it needs cleaning...that's what I hoped for but mine is 6 years old.

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Thanks for your response goldensmom. I am not sure exactly what the thermocoupler is, but I wouldn't think it would be a part malfunction considering that it is not even one year old. I am going to try to break it down and clean it all out this weekend. Hopefully that works. Thanks again.

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If the pilot doesn't light, it is most likely the thermocouple. If the pilot is lit, but the unit won't burn it is most likely the thermopile. It is most likely a universal part, but just in case take it out and bring it to your local fireplace store and they will match it up for you. Cost will be about $35 to $40.

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Thanks michellemarie! I am going to take it apart and clean it. When I do I will take ur advice. Do you think the thermopile could go bad after not even a years worth of use?

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