Fireplace - Electronic Ignition

jy1999October 16, 2007

I have a natural gas fireplace which is having problem in igniting. I have replace it with a Honeywell S8610U Universal Intermittent Pilot Module. But the fireplace will only start up and lit for about 2 sec. and then shut off and start again.

I have checked all the grounds and connection and they seems OK. I am just wondering if the ignitor/sensor is the problem. Is there a way to check the output of the senor wire to the module ? The fireplace was lit and I assume the ignitor or spark is ok.

Thanks in advance for any advices.

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Yes, there is. You need to measaure the DC microamps flowing from the ground connection to the module.

A typical read would be 10-15 microamps, but the pilot will usually prove with 3-4 microamps.

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On some of these you can run a wire from the pilot flame to the sense port and see if it works too.

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