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katy-louFebruary 11, 2013

We took down a non original doorway in the middle of a hallway and had to refinish the portion of flooring that was under the fake "wall". The finish on the rest of the floor was listed as "satin" and the flooring guy who did the patch used Satin as well but the sheen just doesnt look like it is matching - I understand the color being hard to match as the rest of the floor was done 7 years ago - but should we be trying something else? Ideas?


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Maybe a better picture of the sheen delta? It doesnt feel the same either - two coats of poly on the newly touched up area.

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Just to be clear in the pictures which area was recently finished the shinnier part or the duller?

Either way your flooring guy missed it big time.

If your orginal floor was the shinnier portion then he probably should have gone with a semi gloss.

If the orignal was the duller portion in the picture then he didnt put down satin.

Sometimes when you are tryin to match a sheen level on patch work and the orher portion of the floor is old satin a trick is to use semi gloss or even half semi half satin. As with time satin gets a little shine to it.

But regardless your flooring guy needs to come back out and either attempt it again.


Have him do a buff and coat over the entire floor and then you dont have to worry about a mismatched sheen.

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Hmm hadn't thought about buff and coat the entire floor. The duller area is the new - he is willing to come out and fix it just trying to figure it what is best to fix. Semi-gloss you think? In addition to this patch we had him do an adjoining closet and the kitchen whih is being remodelled and adjoins this room so would really like to figure out what we need to do for sheen!

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I would start with a semi gloss. That may take care of it.

Is he using oil or water urethane?

If hes using water make sure he sticks around long enough for the area to flash dry. That way he can see if the sheen matches better.

And if he still cant get a good match then i would haggle him to just buff and coat the entire floor.

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