Gas fireplace wont lit

mraskinOctober 7, 2008

Hi last year I have bought a house with an old type gas fireplace. We used it during the winter once in awhile.

The pilot light was On the whole year around. Yesterday I lit the fireplce, it was working just fine.

One of my guests accidently pushed in the knob and the whole flame went Off including the Pilot light.

Now I am trying to lit the Pilot light and it does not stay, i.e. when I push in the knob the gas comes through the pilot light pipe I hold for more then 1 minut flame goes Off as soon as I relese the knob.

What can be done in order to turn the Pilot light On?


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If your system resembles mine, the pilot light switch has 3 settings: ON, OFF, & PILOT. To turn the pilot light on, you first need to put the knob on PILOT. To reset the knob you have to press it in a little first. Exactly how to change the setting may not be clear -- it depends on how the knob is designed -- should PILOT be on top, bottom, where an arrow is pointing? That you have to figure out. I hope you have an owner's manual to help you.

Next, once you have the knob on PILOT, you have to press it in and hold it for a while and then, while it is still pressed it, you press another button to make a flash. You might have to do that a few times before it catches and the pilot goes on. If your system does not have one of those things that makes a flash, you might have to use a match.

Finally, and this is most important, once the pilot light goes on, you keep holding the knob pressed in for about one minute AND THEN TURN THE KNOB TO THE ON POSITION. The pilot light should then stay on.

If this does not make sense, your system differs from mine and you should ignore these directions.

Good luck, and tell you guests to stay away from the controls.

By the way, you should shut off the pilot during the warm months -- it wastes fuel and costs about $10/month, and it adds to the heat.

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