help with mohawk smartstrand!

kars1February 21, 2011

Calling all carpet experts! I would like to put carpet in our newly finished basement playroom. We have about 800 sqft. Is it possible to get a low end smartstrand carpet installed for around $3/sqft(carpet,pad& inst.)? An independent dealer has a Mohawk carpet called "Longview" 1G20 with "100% Mohawk smartstrand and they are charging $3.29 inst. Just wondering if it is the real thing. It wasn't from the Color Center wall.

FYI I am in Connecticut. I am open to suggestions. We don't want to spend alot.



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A product called powerplay can be installed for about 2.25 per sq ft over a good cushion . We use in a ton pf PM Accounts

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I looked online for mohawk powerplay and could not find it on their website.
Does it go under different names? I would like to look at it in person. I also heard about Aladdin treasure coast and couldn't find that online either.

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They do not show many entry level products online...It's an odd business..believe me...more angles than you could ever imagine. Call your dealer and tell them to call their rep. The only one they will not be able to cross over or talk about is a Mohawk Portico label and this is not one of them. Good Luck.

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You should def follow up with your rep about getting the SmartStrand style you are looking for- this product is too incredible to miss out on! I use it on many of my projects and have never had an issue. Good luck with everything!

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