Mohawk Hilea Strand Woven Bamboo

zfrankleFebruary 19, 2011

I just saw this in the flooring store - apparently a new product. The sample looked excellent, and the salesman claimed it's equivalent in quality to Teragen, but cheaper because it's made in China - it sells for 3.99 sq.ft Anyone have any experience with this in particular, or Mohawk in general? Their site is not particularly informative.

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Always a crap shoot with Chinese wood.Mohawk does sell some real garbage wood. Its not equivalent to Teragren in my opinion if its Chinese Mohawk product. Mohawk will normally take it back if it comes to you without quality, but it would depend on how the retail store reacts.

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Teragren built their reputation on the fact that they control the bamboo they use and thy way it is processed. Almost all other mfctrs buy bamboo from many different sources. Mohawk like others don't own any wood mfctg so all products come from outside sources. Thats not neccessarily a bad thing but the fact that you have a major name backing it helps. Realistically however probably 90% of wood complaints are site related or maintennce related and not covered by warranty.

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