Any Canadians around here with credit problems?

joyfulguyMay 21, 2005

I subscribe to a money management magazine that, as it carries no ads, is totally subscriber driven and pays attention to subscribers' suggestions.

When they make a reference to some issue, their ideas are usually worthwhile.

I guess my feeling is somewhat that if "Canadian MoneySaver" refers to (recommends?) a certain matter - that's good enough for me.

In a recent issue they referred to (I think) a newly published book by Mike Morley, "The Complete Guide to Credit and Credit Repair for Canadians", priced at $24.95.

I haven't read it, so can't comment on its validity or completeness. As I'm pretty well retired from my personal financial advisor business, I don't think that I'll buy it.

As I've had a *lot* of spam offering to help repair my credit, I thought that a (probably) sensible and (likely) rather comprehensive book like this might be helpful to some of you.

If you might be interested, give me a shout - my email address is available here.

In various other threads around here a number of you have learned how I feel about various uses of credit, and means of doing so.

As I've mentioned before - about 20-25 subscribers of the magazine in this area have chosen to meet monthly to discuss various aspects of money management, mainly investing.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend - it's a holiday one, up here.

ole joyful

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I'm not Canadian, but do get pretty tight on money matters at times. I think it'll always be an ongoing battle for adjustments and THEN readjustments. We pretty much stay away from credit cards...our light companies, telephone companies, hospotal bills, etc...are like our credit cards.

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