Shaw Carpet

vickkigFebruary 22, 2011

Am looking to replace carpet in 3 bedrooms and living room. I have tile in the heavy traffic areas. I am considering Shaw Philadelphia/Estate House ($35.50/sq yd). Anyone have any experiences with this particular carpet? Opinions??

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I think this is a PET polyester carpet. It will do well with stains. Frieze carpets tend to show wear in high traffic areas if not vacuumed regularly. Make sure to install over a good cushion. Make sure installer uses a power stretcher.

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SmartStrand Sorona carpet is my go to brand, great stain resistance and durability. Teamed with Smart Cushion and it's a no brainer

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the nature of frieze carpet is your walking on the side of the yarn vs the tips of the yarn so they specifically 'don't show wear'. i have no idea why you would think that. For yrs Frieze has been some of the best appearing cpt. Carpet doesn't 'wear' but uglies out so textured patterns with high twist yarns are specificlly designed not to show a 'wear' pattern like a plush or a saxony.

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It is a cleartouch. For the money, I would be discussing an Anso by Shaw instead. A much safer bet for that money for performance. Smartstrand does not have a look like that as of yet. It just seems like a lot of money for a cleartouch product. Look at a cleartouch product called inner texture or inner twist clear touch KA360 sytle I believe for Shaw aligned groups. Nice and heavy multi color...should be much less than that..and heavier. Normally markets for about 22 or 23 bucks a yard installed with a good cushion. We have sold about 10 cuts of it in the last week. Real nice value.

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The Estate House is a Shaw 5-star product. Weight is 76.1, is this considered light? So for 22 - 23 bucks (installed) I can get a better quality product? The products I've looked at for that price seem much lighter, lesser quality. I am dealing with a local carpet shop, not Home Depot or a wholesaler. As far as wear it won't be used on hallways or stairs. I will take a look at the KA360 style you suggested....

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76.1 is total weight ..not face weight according to weight means nothing. I am going to study on it a little more. Thanks

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