see-thru or 2 sided direct vent gas fireplace

dodge1959September 13, 2009

Hello everybody, we are in the process of remodeling the master bed & bath--some of you may have seen my post on Master Bath Design. I'm looking for a 2 sided direct vent gas fireplace. In our family room we have a Valour Direct Vent, and luv it,--heats the whole downstairs. Unfortunately they do not make a see-thru fireplace.

The things we liked about the Valour is the continously adjustable flame--using the remote, all the way from a bare flicker to a roaring fire. So far I can not find any 2-sided fireplaces that offer this feature--most might be adjustable from 100% down to about 80% (if that much).

It would be nice to lie in bed and adjust the flame.



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Hi -

You might try "Smoky Mountain Emporium General Store"

Located at:

They deal with lots of fireplace stuff. I have purchased from them. Nice guys. They were very helpful to me. Except for being a customer, and getting some help from the owner - I have nothing to do with them. (no profit, not a shill).

Bye. Hope this helps.


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Check out the 864TRV ST from Firplace Xtrodinair. Their products are amazing.
THe website is If you look at the brochure and keep scrolling down you will come to the specs on the unit.
Their stuff is more expensive than Napoleon's Fireplaces, but in my opinion, a much better looking product.

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Thanks for the inputs. I had a contractor over for a quote on redoing the bathroom. He said that the wall I wanted to use that connects the masterbedroom to the masterbath was
probably being used for the AC/Heater ducting to the 2nd floor.
So after he left, I got a ladder and looked into the attic.
Sure nuff, Huge ducting vents coming up from floor below.
So back to Square 1 as far as locating a fireplace in the master bedroom, but most likely wont be a "See Thru"
Thanks anyways!!


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