It worked - sort of!!! LOL

jamie_mtMay 14, 2004

So around Apr. 19th I sent off a 4 page letter to Experian, disputing over half the items on my credit report that were my dad's and not mine, as well as some personal information they had screwed up (his birthdate on my report, his SSN on mine, old address, employment, etc). Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst, I waited.

Well yesterday, I recieved an updated copy of my report from the disputes department, and they had removed all the disputed credit accounts!! Hooray!! For some reason (they said security), they didn't include birthday, SSN, or employment information, which irks me, since I can't check it to see if it's correct. They won't list the SSN when I bought online either, so I have no way of knowing whether it's been corrected or not - will have to call and check on that. But getting all those accounts that were not mine off is a *huge* relief...much better for my credit. :-)

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Yay! Congrats, and good luck on checking the SSN part.

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Thanks TS...of course I got a second updated copy from them, where they had updated my birthdate, but now they have my fiance listed as my spouse already, and his address listed along *with* my address *and* my parent's address as all my current addresses (we did just apply and were approved for a joint mortgage, but did not list our status as "married", since we aren't yet). Apparently, it's possible to live in three places at once...

Ya know, sometimes I think it really is just easier explaining the whole thing to the loan officer than actually working with this credit company... *sigh*

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I would wait about 6 months and order another copy of your credit report. This should have all the updated information on it.

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We had the same problem with my husband's son's credit until he matured. I tried to cash a check in a grocery store, they wouldn't accept it because of my stepson's credit. I explained the problem and told them if they didn't find a way to tell the difference via address, SSN, etc., I would sue them for embarrassing me in public. They took the check.

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Uhm... I hate to throw water on your celebration, but without verification of the social security number, there's really no way to tell if those morons got it right or not.

I'm sorry, I have little faith in the big three.

No, make that no faith.

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Yeah, and I can't seem to get a live person to verify the SSN either. So, I'm just going to wait now until after I get married and hope that changing my name will just "reset" everything (I know, wishful thinking, but I'm so tired of dealing with this). Thank goodness the bank is reasonable about this...I get many looks of sympathy and suggestions to get around the problem from loan officers, which is really much easier than trying to go through the CC agencies. Our loan is approved, and really, that's all I was worried about, so I'm taking a break for awhile. I don't use credit that much anyways anymore (learned my lesson).

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Write them and ask for confirmation by mail.

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I did that the first time - they sent a new copy, no SSN. *eyeroll*

No matter now - I'm married, and in the process of getting my name changed, so hopefully that will help clear up the problem. :-)

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