Gas Logs and Carbon Monoxide

bluescorpionmarkSeptember 24, 2007

I wanted to find out what is the typical life expectancy of a set of gas logs? (propane)I'm having to replace my gas logs once every year because my carbon monoxide detector goes off.

Should these logs last longer than 1 year or is that about normal. I have two 100 pound propane tanks and burn about 1 and a half tanks during the winter months.

Any tips or ideas?



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My dad has had his set for years. Something is wrong!

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Vented gas log sets are designed to be "yellow flame burners, like a candle flame. These yellow flame burners will make carbon monoxide and soot whenever the flame impinges upon some object such as the logs.

So a gas log set in a conventional wood fireplace should be expected to make carbon monoxide, and usually in significant amounts. Safe operation of the fireplace requires that the chimney and vent be open and operating properly to vent the combustion products outdoors.

If your CO detector goes off, you should probably have the equipment in your house inspected by a qualified repairman to detrmine the cause. It might be a defect in the fireplace vent, an automobile, furnace, water heater or even candles. I've seen people get sick off the carbon monoxide produced by the dirty pilot light in a gas range.

I hope you haven't been replacing the gas logs on the theory that they must be the problem. That kind of guiessing is expensive, unlikely to solve the problem and may expose your family to a hazard that is not being identified.

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Who's telling yo to replace the logs? Vented or unvented logs? What brand of logs? What if any other gas appliances do you have(given the small tanks I assume none)? Have you ever had the air tested to prove the CO2 detector is right? Most log sets last say 10+ years but do require yearly maintainance.

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My gas logs seem to be failing and giving off a strong odor . Does anyone know of similar problems. I think I need to replace the gas logs.

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