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kars1February 24, 2011

My search for carpet continues..........

Today I saw a "Martha Stewart" Shaw R2X carpet at Home Depot for $1.99/sqft.

They are having an installation "special" of $37 plus the cost of installing on stairs. A salesman at an independent store said they add additional charges on top of the sale price. Does anyone have experience with HD? How about with the Smartstrand Silk line they sell there?



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They do like to add charges. The cheap install price is gimmicky to say the least, but it is real.If you are doing a smaller amount of square footage...an independent can normally peel the price even with the so called cheap installation.I will not get into how the do the cheap install as we offer that also, but there is no free lunch ever..HD lowes..no one can actually install it for that...they pay normal rate to their subs.On large jobs over 60 yards it does start to become an advantage for you price wise.
HD will always price match anyone..but one thing HD can match...and that is quality, communication, and customer service of a flooring retailer. Smartstrand silk is Mohawk off the Mohawk sorona color wall..Martha Stewart is shaw Anso. They do nickel and dime you at the box stores (charge you for tack strips, have installer measures..which I never agree with...it will always be more footage when an installer measures IMO, and they just line item you to death). But most of all, they will not match customer service and that my friend is worth something.

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Work by the low bidder of unknown quality, but it is cheap.

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I priced carpeting at Home Depot and Lowes in the fall. They are not cheap. I bought a Queen Anso nylon carpet at Home Depot 5 years ago. The price back then was very good. Now I find I got better prices at my local carpet dealer.

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