yes! michigan attorney general rocks!

bunnymanMay 23, 2005

Oh yeah, I tried one of those "let us help you find a mortgage" websites and they hooked me up with crooks. After a dozen friendly to polite e-mails a year past and I wanted my deposit back at the least. They had added percent and a half to the original rate quote! and thought it still a fair deal... LOL! Kissing my money good-bye I went with another mortgage. A few months ago I sent a short complaint to the Michigan AG via the Internet. Wheee!... the money from the crooks appeared in my bank account this week!

For the most part I don't think they were professional crooks just very stupid businessmen... tried to take my money either way.

Thought I might share this as others might need a helping hand. Michigan Government doing the job!

: )


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I don't know about your AG, but I wish your governor had been born in the US, because I think she would make a great President.

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Poor Jennifer... she inherited an awful mess from our previous Governor. I've not met her in person but they tell me she is a stunning beauty much more so then shows in pictures.

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I have a vision of Jennifer Granholm vs Arnold Schwarzenegger for President in 2012, after a constitutional amendment opens the door.

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