Convection fan not coming on

notsowfastSeptember 4, 2011

Pellet stove: Quadrafire 1200i

Convection fan will not come on,feed,fire okay

Have installed a new 170 deg # 1 limit switch, (nothing)

Have installed a new 145 deg # 1 limit switch, (nothing)

I am using a by pass wire on the two purple wires that connect to the #1 limit switch, this works perfectly and turns on the convection fan, at the end of the time I want to shut down the stove after it has cooled for about twenty min, I disconnect one end of the by-pass and this shuts off the convection fan. Can somebody help to clue me in on what is taking place with this problem. could it be the thermocouple not reaching the proper temperature? Thanks, Any idea will be greatly appreaciated to address this issue.

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