Scratches on glass tile installation-suggestions?

belugacoopFebruary 15, 2012

My floor tile installers also installed my glass backsplash. When the owner of the company came by I showed him the scratches and asked if it was because they used sanded grout. I told him I had read non sanded grout should be used. He said they have used the non sanded in the past and it didn't work as well and they always use sanded. He suggested that the glass was already scratched. I pulled out the remaining glass and none of it had scratches. He acknowledged it was clean. I said I could get over it because from a distance you really don't notice it. I showed him some chips in the some areas and he said he would send them over to fix those pieces. It's been a couple of weeks and everytime I look at it, it bothers me. The guys haven't come over yet. The owner is a friend of mine which does complicate things. I did ask when scheduling if they were experienced in glass installation but that's probably irrelevent now. So, do I ask them to replace it? Is it just lesson learned? Should I have asked going in to it to use non sanded? I just assumed they would.

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I feel your pain. Did you discuss the non-sanded versus sanded grout ahead of time? Were there printed installation recommendations/instructions? I am not saying it was your job to know about the grout, just wondering how the situation unfolded.

I hate stuff like this. You end up feeling badly for the contractor, when you are the one who has to live with it. You relied on the installer's expertise and workmanship (friend or not). I wonder if you can say that it gives you no pleasure to call this to his/her attention, but you spent time selecting the tile, paying for it, and you looked forward to it looking a certain way.

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I'd push for a total redo. Anyone in the tile world should know proper procedure with any type of tile, stone, grout etc... The installers should have mixed up a little bit of the grout and tried it out on a scrap test piece to ensure that it didn't scratch. Unsanded grout or Star Glass grout should have been used for the installation. Star Glass is specifically designed for glass tile.
These are things that the contractor should have edjucated you on whether you supplied the products or vise versa.

Todd Stull
Enola, PA

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