uneven floor transition

cakieFebruary 3, 2011

We remodeled the kitchen in our 100-year-old house about seven years ago. We installed a new subfloor and leveled the sloping floor to make it easier to install cabinets and appliances. There is a 4-foot-wide archway to the dining room. At the time, the dining room was carpeted, so the transition from level to sloping was disguised.

Now we are installing hard surface flooring in the dining room and the transition at the doorway is a problem. The gap is about 1/8-inch on the left side but increases to about 3/4-inch on the right side. I don't want to level the dining room because it leads into the living room and I would prefer to have these two floors even and continuous.

What can I use for a transition strip? Do I just have to custom-cut a sloping piece of wood myself? I think I can do it using my skil saw and a fence to cut against to make sure I get the angle right. Any other ideas?


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Make the whole transition strip 3/4 of an inch out of a pice of hardwood floor of ir choice

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bump.. I have the same problem. How would it work with the entire 3/4 inch piece?

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We just installed porcelain tile in our kitchen remodel that is adjacent to original oak parquet flooring in the back dining/family room. The transition is about 12 feet long and widens from 1/2 inch wide to almost an inch. The height difference is about 1/2 inch. After considering all the alternatives, our GC had his carpenters create a custom reducer from oak. It is about 3 inches wide and slopes down from the tile height to the parquet. We stained it a complementary color, gave it several coats of poly and it looks and works great.

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MCMesprit, I would love to see pics of what your GC made since I'm having the same issue. Thanks!

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