Ideas for Protecting Vent Free Fireplace from Baby

xineSeptember 23, 2007

We have a Temco ADF42-5 Vent Free fireplace mounted about 8 inches off the floor (no hearth) in our family room. There is only a mesh screen, no doors. I do not see glass doors as an option on the Temco (or distributors') website... which I assume is because it's a vent free fireplace and the liability of someone operating the darn thing with the doors closed would be too great...LOL.

Anyway, we don't use it much (in fact, the gas has been turned off for two years) since we live in Florida and the number of months to turn on the gas just for this (all electric home) is only two or three... not really worth it.

The fireplace is a focal point of our great room and is directly opposite the main entry/foyer, so I don't want something gaudy (like a piece of cardboard), but I also don't want something that will be easy for a soon-to-be-walking baby (toddler?) to get around. I don't want her chewing on the little briquets and moving the logs around (or even gnawing on them!). I've toyed with getting a piece of Lexan cut to fit, and seeing if I could somehow wedge it in there while still being able to take it out when/if we wanted to use it.

We looked at free-standing fireplace screens, but those just seem to be too flimsy for the strong arms of a strong-willed child. :)

Other ideas??

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