please help - removing faux rock

bronze_bombersSeptember 10, 2008

Does anyone know how to remove faux rock from around our fireplace? Our entire wall surrounding the fireplace and mantel has a faux rock cemented to the wall. We are unsure of what the rock is attached to and the best course of action. Can we ruin the fireplace and brick behind the wall by removing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated and I can provide pictures if it would help. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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We had faux rock also. The surrounding area was drywall. If I recall, there was wire mesh and such behind the rock. You say you do not want to ruin the brick so it sounds like you already know what is behind yours?? I would think there is mortar behind the rock and it is stuck to the brick?? I am not sure how you would remove without harming the brick. Now for our situation we got a pneumatic jackhammer/chisel attachment for our air compressor. DH said it was a lifesafer for removing the rock. Our raise hearth was made of cement retaining wall type builders bricks. It took two solid days to remove all the debris but he said it would have taken longer by hand.

I think pics of what you actually have would really help.

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If your interested, I can send you a picture via email of the wall to see if it is similar to what you had removed.

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