Best Way to Clean Laminate Wood Floors?

mmoo1978February 17, 2012

Hello! I have laminate wood floors, and dust them with a dust mop. However, I'm not sure what to use to really *clean* them thorougly. I am afraid to use too much water or that might ruin them... Advice?

Thank you!

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What are the instructions from your flooring manufacturer? That is what I would follow - assuming you *have* those instructions. Otherwise, I think vinegar/water is always safe, or the cleaner from one of the flooring manufacturers - I think I use spray cleaner from Bruce (Laminate) flooring. I put it in the holder for my damp mop, dilute it with water (random amounts) to make it stretch - and clean away! Vinegar/water is more inexpensive, but the flooring cleaner really doesn't cost much since you aren't flooding the floor with it!

You have to be careful with other cleaners - some people use ammonia, or Windex for instance(shudder) - they might void the flooring warranty and probably risk ruining the finish on the floor.

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I use no cleaners. Just a well-wrung out (water only) terry cloth bonnet and flat mop.

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Less than year ago we had DuPont's Real Touch Elite laminate flooring installed in our kitchen. It appears that the seams are collecting dirt as they are getting darker. When I called DuPont, they were NOT at all friendly or helpful, and said this problem had never before been reported. I'd been using Bruce's Laminate Spray Cleaner. Wondering if any other DuPont Real Touch Elite owners are running into same problem?

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