national electrical code for gas fireplace switch

reedie4September 29, 2009

Is there a national electrical code requiring a cut-off switch, for the blower, in the room with a gas fireplace?

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We have a gas direct vent insert. As far as I can tell, there no cut-off switch for the blower. You seem to believe that there should be one. Why?

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I'm getting a direct vent gas fireplace installed. My electrician insists there is a national code that requires a shut-off switch for the blower, for service safety. My installer and the manufacturer don't know what he's talking about. I was hoping someone might know if there is or isn't a national electrical code requiring this switch.

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Our blower on our direct vent gas fireplace - is a piece of... Well - it isn't quality.

Makes a lot of noise, and minimal airflow. Fireplace is nice. Anyway - a switch exists on our blower - to turn it on, or off. Plus, control the speed of this blower...

A vented fireplace doesn't have a lot of electrical going to it... Not sure why your electrician is so sure a safety switch is required. Our fireplace has a thermo temp switch on it - it won't turn on unless the fireplace is at a cerain temp...

But Service Safety?? Just turn it off, or better yet - unplug it!. Ours just plugs into a wall outlet directly behind the fireplace.

I'm not a licensed electrician btw.

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According to Charles E. Beck, P.E., Seattle
Every motor has to have a disconnecting means, and the disconnect has to be within sight of the motor location. Reference NEC 430.102(B). So you can only take credit for the breaker at the main panel as being the disconnecting means if that breaker is within sight of the motor location, and is cabable of being locked open.

That said, I don't think the manufacturer of a motor is required to provide the disconnecting means. It can be furnished and installed by the electrical contractor.

My electrician says it is only required if the blower is direct wired and the code falls under motor disconnect. So I guess that makes it officially required by the national electrical code.

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