Do you have a Leather or Microfiber Sofa ???

mcookMarch 29, 2007

We are desperately in need of your input on your sofa experience.

1. Do you have a Leather sofa or a Microfiber sofa?

2. Which one is easier to maintain & clean?

3. How about durability from kids? (we are thinking of starting a family in a year or so)

Thanks in advance for your precious input!


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We have had a leather sofa for about 6 months now. It has been very easy to keep clean--we have a 3 1/2 year old boy. We chose leather because DH likes the look and I have heard it is better for people with dustmite allergies. We are pleased. We have never had microfiber so cannot compare.

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Unfinished leather (aniline, semi-aniline, nubuck and waxed) can and does stain easily and clean with difficulty. Finished leather is better.

I spot clean a lot of microfiber and it cleans wonderfully. On my last call last week the customer was pointing out a spot on an unrelated piece of furniture for what I was there do work on. I hit it with the cleaner and before I could turn around to get my extractor wand, it disappeared before her eyes. In the last two years, I can't recall any stain that I have not been able to get out of microfiber by cleaning, though dry-erase markers came pretty close.

Either can puncture or tear.

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I have both........they are both easily maintained. Microfiber is more comfortable and cozy than leather and alot more color choices.

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Oh Thank, you Thank, you thank you all so very much for your inputs.

I'm about going crazy searching for leather sofas that we like (style & comfort).

We liked the Microfiber sofa from Crate & Barrel (Cameron) but a designer friend suggested us to best go with leather (for durability & easy maintenance).

So, we are absolutely torn about this decision. I'd appreciate any confirmation you guys have!!!

Thanks a bunch,

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I've had a microfiber sofa with dual recliners for ten years in our family room with two boys, frequent friends and a dog in the house. The fabric has been without question, the best I've ever had on a sofa. I also treated it with Scotchguard myself and after spilling tomato sauce on it, it came right out with no residual stains. I'm sure there are different grades of this fabric, however, mine was very inexpensive at the time, about $1200. If it wasn't for a tear that I caused, it would be staying around for a bit longer. I've also never had a problem with our leather recliners or ottomann. When it comes down to deciding between the leather and the microfiber, it would probably come down to color choices and price. Good luck!

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I bought a very light colored microfiber sofa and love seat from roomstogo. I got the stainguard from them, but it still stained. When I would read the newspaper, I worried that the ink would transfer onto the fabric. It just didn't clean up like it was promised and after having RTG come out for the third time, they actually told me that there was no stain! It was starting to look "grubby" to me. So, obviously I either ordered one with fabric that was too light or just inferior fabric or both. Also, I have heard that microfiber that looks "sueded" has a tendency to wear off (mine was not).
I also have a black leather sofa and recliner, which for most of it's life has been upstairs in our gameroom and exclusively used by kids from 7 to 21 and alllllll of their friends. I've had it for years, and it still looks like new, and the leather is very soft and never feels cold.
All that being said, the sofa set I purchased before any of these is still going strong. It is made out of a chenille fabric and when I went to replace the microfiber sofa, I knew I wanted chenille. Super easy clean-up, always looks good and RTG gave me the stain guard package for free because of the previous experience (I hope I won't have to use it).
On the plus side, because the microfiber sofa set was a nice, light neutral color I was able to sell it for over 50% of what I bought it for.

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Im surprised your designed friend recommended leather instead of micro fiber. Every salesperson I spoke to when buying my furniture said the micro fiber was by far more durable than the leather.(They put it in cars now) I purchased two micro fiber sofas, I have three kids and three dogs. (dogs don't go on there, but they rub up against it). They are in my family room and are 2 years old and they still look brand new. I wouldnt hesitate to buy microfiber again. Any color, everything just wipes right out.

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I know microfiber is durable, but I can't see how it could be more durable than leather but maybe there is something I don't know. We love our leather furniture and I think it will last forever -- long after I am tired of it !! That said, I think in our next house I will look at microfiber because of the color choices.

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I think you have to be so careful with picking out a style and color for leather furniture because a lot of it can look dated fast. I totally agree about getting tired of furniture. I have had 5 sets of living room furniture in the last 10 years! I am all about getting tired of furniture. I do a LOT of sewing, and actually bought my most recent set in a style which I could easily make my own slipcovers for when I get tired of it.

Ebay has an interesting guide to microfiber fabric. It does say that Microfiber Fabrics can be made from polyester, nylon, rayon, acetate or a combination of those fibers. If you do any sewing you know that those are considered cheap fabrics. Now, I know I'm going to get in trouble for this, but is there any chance that the salespeople try to steer customers towards the microfiber because there's so much more profit because the fabric is cheap? Just something to think about, don't shoot the messenger!

Here is a link that might be useful: Ebay guide to microfiber

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Salespeople may also be steering you towards microfiber because they can usually sell you the stainguard package with it. You don't need stainguard with leather.

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We have a leather couch and a microfiber daybed, which are regularly inhabited by a naughty and rambunctious dog and two kitties.

The leather holds up better against dirt, stains, hair, and cat scratches, while the microfiber holds up better against dog scratches.

Given the variation in quality and durability between different types of leathers and microfibers, the only way to really be sure is to get test swatches of the exact fabrics you're considering and test them in various "real-life" situations. Otherwise, there's no way to predict how the fabric or materials will fare.

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There is just no way that any manmade fiber can withstand and endure what leather can given that both are of the best they can be. Having said that, I have a leather sofa that I have had for many years and I had a leather sofa and recliner before the current ones and had them growing up. Leather is the best; however, I am ready for a change and am going with microfiber. Wish me luck as some furniture dealers say it leaves a lot to be desired and that chenille is much better and I have had chenille in my occasional chairs and can attest to that. I understand rayon is the cheapest of the microfibers, but that is just what I have been told.

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My mom had a natuzzi white leather couch she got after we kids left home...supposed to be the expensive durable stuff. All I can say is it was hot sitting after a while and JEAN STAINS. Our whole family loves jeans and you could definitely see a navy blue shadow where people sat most. While this is probably a problem with light couches in general, I just didn't expect it to be a problem with leather. Also, the leather was so soft it wasn't structural enough to hold the shape of the cushions and after only 2 years, they were flattened/uncomfortable. My mom is has very discerning interior decorating taste and we were both shocked at the leather's performance.

Since chenille was mentioned, I had a burgundy chenille la z boy couch...never again. Water stained it. Cats shredded it. Oils from skin stained it. But it sure was comfy soft.

My good friend has a microfiber couch set, 4 kids, a dog, and entertains often...her couch looked beautiful, was soft and comfortable even after 4 years. And I've seen every kind of yuck on that couch easily cleaned up. But I just can't stand the butt prints and hand prints!

I am considering a leather reclining couch next month, but the price difference between a quality leather that will last vs microfiber and the maintenance/cleaning/durability has me leaning more toward microfiber...maybe one of the polished ones that looks like leather. I have a 3 year old, a dog, a messy hubby, and we eat on the couch so I'm sure in the next 10 years I'll be getting another couch; maybe I'll get leather then.

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Sublime regarding your Mom's leather couch. Full aniline natural leathers typically are not hot in summer and cold in winter. Protected leathers which more or less have painted surfaces tend to have these charcterisitcs. The protected leathers are poorer quality leathers from the inner layers of the hide. Full aniline dyed leathers also look much better. As far as the cushion getting flat within a short period of time. This is the result of a poor quality cushion and not the ability or the lack of ability of the leather casing to maintain the shape of the foam vs microfibers ability to do the same.

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I have leather sofa and I think it's the best option for the home. Leather sofa is easy to maintain and adds luxury and elegance to any room in your home. It is also very comfortable.

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We have leather sofa and it is very easy to keep clean.It is also safe from children.

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I have a leather loveseat. I was smitten by the beautiful aniline leather when I purchased it 8 years ago. It was the wrong choice for the room it is in because the sun faded it. I did recolor it with aniline dye and it is much better but not really wonderful. I think if you choose a durable protected leather, then yes, it will not fade (much) and will stand up to a lot of wear. But the most sumptuous leathers tend to be the ones that are less hardy.

Also, my little dog jumps up on that leather sofa and over time there has been an accumulation of scratches. She jumps up on the velvet chair too, and there are no signs of wear at all.

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Not all leather or microfiber fabrics are the same. Some leathers are relatively simple to care for. The cheap bonded leathers and relatively inexpensive "protected" top grain leathers are usually (but not always) quite durable and stain-resistant. Suede leathers are less stain-resistant.

The most expensive "unprotected" top grain leathers are exquisitely comfortable but can require quite a bit of care and maintenance to retain their softness and will stain easily if not cleaned promptly and thoroughly.

Microfibers also come in dozens of different qualities and characteristics. The most durable and stain-resistant are known in the furniture industry as "performance fabrics" and can be virtually stainproof and extremely durable.

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If you are looking for durabilty, longevity and ease of care leather is the way to go. Leather will outlast fabric 4 to 1.

All that being said Microfiber is a good option for fabric. It is easy to clean and durable.

The easiest way to clean a stain with Microfiber is to blot the spill and then carefully clean with a solution of Nutrogena facial cleanser and water. Don't soak the stain. Blot up when finished. Then dry with a warm hair dyer to prevent rings. Dry the area going back and forth and out to the edges and don't keep the hair dryer aimed at the same spot.

This assumes it is a washable microfiber.

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I only own leather couches. I have cats and a genet...did have several fennecs...Leather is easy to keep...easy to clean and it doesn't wear out if you take care of it. I've had my Braddington Young recliners and couch for many years...I have the old Barcolounger couches in our cabin in the mountains. I bought them second hand...they are getting ready to purchase a loveseat recliner...will not be able to match the leather color but will buy something that contrasts....don't buy microfiber. Don't buy stamped leaher (bonded) real won't be sorry

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I have both. I bought a sofa and loveseat from Natuzzi about 10 years ago and two microfiber sofas. The leather has become checked and worn over time and even though I love the shape and style, it is starting to look shabby. This was the higher end line so it shouldn't have been a lower quality issue. The microfiber sofas are in the FR where my son entertained friends. They are about the same age and although not used nearly as much, they could almost pass for new. They were not the upgraded fabric but the basic one that was on the floor at the store.

My parents bought similar microfiber sofa/loveseat and paid significantly more for an upgraded fabric and their doesn't look anywhere near as good as mine. Interesting.

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