Stumped-What Kind of Fireplace do I have

jeff100September 5, 2009

Hello. I am trying to determine what type of fireplace I have (zero clearance or masonry). All evidence points to masonry, however, the face of the wall above the fireplace is drywall, not brick. Below the drywall is the mantle, and below the mantle is 12" tiles going around the fireplace opening. It is a gas fireplace. I see no metal whatsoever in the firebox. In fact, the grout around the brick is deteriorating in some places. If I stick my head up the fireplace, there looks to be a tile flu (square-10" by 10" or so, rounded at the corners). In the basement, there is block concrete below the fireplace (everywhere else it is poured concrete). There is also poured concrete directly under the hearth (as visible from the basement). I am trying to install glass doors purchased at Home Depot, however the lintel seems to be upside down, with the accessible part of the lintel hugging the tile surround; so there is nothing to screw the set screw into. I am stumped. I would appreciate any advice. Can I post pics on this website? FYI, the house was built in 1994.

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I guess your fireplace was custom built. From your description, it is not a prefab. If you recently purchased the house, you might want to consider having a certified chimney sweep clean it, unless you know that has been done recently. Besides, if the grouting is loose in some places, that might need to be fixed before you use it. And you can ask the chimney sweep to comment on your issue about the glass door installation.

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Thanks for the follow up. Looking up the flu it appears to be very clean. I think I will have someone take a look at the grouting issue. Since I cannot use the standard mounting equipment that came with the doors, do you see any problem with just using a c clamp? Not sure if this breaks some type of code or not, but it seems like it would work just fine.

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