Changing fireplace door brass color

twerkemaSeptember 18, 2012

We are remodeling our fireplace. The doors have aluminum anodized brass bars on the top and bottom. I'd like to alter the color without painting. Does anyone have any suggestions how to do this? I've read about how to change solid brass, but not anodized, and most of those methods aren't recommended for non-solid brass. I'm open to what the new color is, as long as it's not shiny brass. I'm also willing to do things that may be a bit complicated. Any suggestions are helpful!

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Possibly someone who applies power coat finishes can help, but I am nit sure they even make a high heat powder coat finish (although I would believe they do).

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They do since our new door handles are powder coated. Thanks for the though but I'm hoping for some sort of chemical process that I can do, rather than a coating or paint.
Anyone else have any ideas?

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