Cubex vs Dry Creek Pellets

rayers2September 17, 2005

Anyone know which brand of pellets is better Cubex or Dry Creek? I was using Cubex last year and have found Dry Creek for a better price closer to home. Cubex has a btu output of 9000+ per pound. I can't find anything on Dry Creek but they are both hardwood based...


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I used Cubex last year for the majority of my pellet stove season. It is the best product I have used so far for low ask production, buildup and heat output. I tried several other brands - Energex, Allegheny, LG, American, Dry Creek, and Stove Chow. I think Stove Chow went out of business a few years ago so the bags must have been kicking around for a while ...... which brings me to another point. Consider how the pellet dealer handles the product after it has been manufactured. I went to one garden store in the area to see what they had and found a few tons on pellets on a pallet in the rain with no attempt to cover them. I asked why they were in the rain and was told there was no room to store them in the barn. I was also told it did not matter because they were only used as a cheaper alternative of a very similar product - horse bedding.

Getting back to your question -

Cubex is the best I have used but the price locally is significantly higher this year over last.

Dry Creek is a close second in my mind. Not quite as clean but still a good product.

I have pre-ordered three tons of Dry Creek for the upcoming season and will probably pick up another ton of a different brand to try.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dry Creek Products

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I forgot to mention that I have a Harman stove so quality of pellet does not really matter. With a Harman it is easy to try many different brands with little fear of problems. My test of a pellet manufacturer is heat quality and ash content not ability to burn because my stove will burn anything.

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I have a Harmon P38 and my Dad does also. Your right about the price for Cubex it went way up this year. I fired up my Dads stove last night for the 1st time it is a new stove, And when we filled the hopper with Dry Creek I noticed 1 bag filled the hopper full. Now with Cubex it would not fill the hopper. It must be Dry creek is not as dense seemed to burn fine though. It wasn't running long enough to tell how clean they burned. I Wonder what the btu output of Dry Creek is...

Thanks for the Replies

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I remember reading that Cubex is a subsidiary of a hardwood floor manufacturer and the pellet raw material does not exit the plant. It is sent directly to the pellet manufacturing shop, processed and bagged. This produces a cleaner product with less foreign material.

I believe that Dry Creek is only a pellet or like product manufacturer. I decided to buy their product this year because it seemed good and it is a somewhat local business (about 60 miles away).

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Sounds like we had the same idea here. Hopefully it will work out for us. Here Cubex is 230.00 ton 30 Miles away vs Dry Creek at 185.00 and only 1 mile away from me...

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Is that the price now or the pre-season price? Advance purchase is usually about $15-$20 cheaper than early season price and $30-$40 less that mid-late season price.

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Advanced purchase on Cubex is 210.00 and dry Creek is 175.00 here Cubex is always more everywhere I look. Dry Creek even by the bag here is 3.99

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Hi everyone,,

Sorry I'm new to the pellet world, just waiting for my stove to come in, I live in ontario, and was wondering if someone could point me to a few places where I can buy the pellets, I've only found one online in toronto and they are $299 for a ton of the Cubex.

Thank you.

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