Credit Report - who is CSC?

marys1000May 25, 2007

I called an 800 number to get all three of my free credit reports. So far I've gotten one from

CSC Credit Services

Dallas, TX

The cover letter says thank you for requestion your credit file, commonly called a Consumer Credit Report......

This name is not one of the big 3 I hear about and while my memory is poor I don't remember signing up for this on the very long complicated phone call.

On the cover letter there is a box that has an FBI identity theft warning that advertises that to protect yourself you should use Equifax Credit Watch. That is the only place Equifax is mentioned.

I'm not sure who this credit report is from?

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I guess it is from the 800 number you called.... do you remember who you called?

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I checked their website and there is another mention of Equifax on it but they also seem to be separate. I thought from the 800 number I was signing up to get a credit report from all of the "big three" Equifax, transAmerica and uh? can't remember.
So I'm wondering now - will I get one from Equifax? during the call I remembering have to go through 3 different selection options for the three different credit reports.

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I would guess that CSC is a company that is set up to sell you something. Think about matter who orders credit reports...a bank, a credit card company, a finance company or whomever, they have to pay anywhere from $3 to $12 for each report from each of the 3 major companies. Why would any company go to the expense of paying thousands of dollars for these reports and then give them away "free". There are no free reports. Generally you can get "free" reports only if you sign up for some other service that is anything but free.
So, if you haven't been contacted by CSC to sell you something yet, you will be before you get any "free" reports.

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Umm... you ARE entitled to free credit reports once a year.

I get a free one every 4 months... I rotate around each of the big three.

Here is a link that might be useful: FREE annual credit reports

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Oops, my mistake. You are totally correct. In some states it is required by law. In fact it may be in all states now, but I'm not sure. I was referring to the free ones being advertised on TV and such. When the law requires that someone get a free report once a year, you don't see the credit companies advertising to have people call to get the free one. It costs them money to advertise and they only give them free if the law requires it. If any company advertises it on TV or elsewhere, you are going to have to pay something or buy something or join something.

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Don't give any additional information until you find out who you are dealing with. It sounds like a company that wants to sell you a service and watch your credit cards to make sure no charges are put thru, or your identiy is not stolen.
Yes you can get a free credit report once a year. That is a new law. One of the Credit companies does sell a service. If necessary do research on the 800# and the address in TX, or contact the better business bureau in that town.

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After signing off and finally getting around to sorting my stuff out, I have a report from CSC Credit service El Paso TX which is from Equifax. That who is owns your file. So that maybe ok, but check it out. I got it free off line.

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CSC is a very large global company with over 85,000 employees. They have acquire many companies as part of their growth strategy. One of those acqusitions came with a credit service company which fit okay with in their financial services divisions.

They are a very legit company. You usually see them mention in the same breath as IBM and EDS.

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