setting ceramic tile on the metal box surround

italiamomSeptember 15, 2008

can someone tell me if it's ok to set ceramic tile on the metal firebox that is showing? i want to cover the black metal as well as the wall that surrounds the firebox.

and, if it's ok to do so, what kind of mastic can i use, the same as i will use on the wall? the firebox is the typical builders' product, i think by Majestic.

thank you.

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You can use regular thinset to stick tiles on the metal, especially if the pieces are small that is typical of surrouds, 6x6? It won't be the best bond but it will likely do the job.

Make sure the metal box doesn't flex much when you push on it, if it does it will be your best interest not to push on it after the tiles are installed.

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That's a tough thing to do. What poorowner suggests will work for a short while. However, after you use the fireplace a few times the tiles will start to loosen and eventually come off! This is due to the fact that metal expands and contracts at a different rate than the thinset mortar and the tile when exposed to the temperature swings from the fireplace. I don't think regular mastic will work either. Even though it's more flexible, eventually the heat will dry it out and make it brittle. I would suggest one of two things. Try to find a high temperature mastic made for this purpose (fireplace store?) or get larger tiles that are primarily attached by fortified thinset to the surrounding wall and overlap so that they cover the metal without actually being attached to it. Of course these would be subject to breaking if they accidentally got hit.

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