Fiber vs slab rubber carpet pad over hydronic heating

Susan001February 16, 2012

Have experience with either fiber (5/8 ") or slab rubber foam (125 oz., I believe 7/16") carpet pads installed over Thermal Board or hydronic heating? Wool carpet will be installed above the pad. Have heard preferences for both. Is the slab rubber resilient or more cushiony? Is the fiber more cushiony?

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You may want to consult this table to look at how much insulation your adding that will be blocking your heat.

We installed tile over our radiant heat on the main floor and carpet with pad on the second floor. We have a main floor master so don't really use the second floor. In addition our floor plan is very open so the heat from the main floor rises and I don't think our upper floor system turns on very much.

In terms of the carpet type I know we didn't choose wool but some sort of synthetic berber. We also installed the type of floor padding that the store said was specifically designed to go over radiant heat. Make sure your store knows that you want it to go over radiant heating and they may be able to look at the specs. to see what is recommended.

Here is a link that might be useful: Comparative R-Values of Flooring and Subfloors

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I have radiant heat, the kind with the pex water tubes. In the rooms with marble tiles and in the stamped concrete slab it is great! I love it! over hardwood, it's not so great. I'm pretty sure that under carpeting it would not be very effective at all. I suggest you change you choice of flooring material or forget the radiant heat altogether.

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To work, radiant heat has to be able to radiate. (Look back to your junior high science classes.) Insulating it from that with pad and carpeting will greatly lessen it's effectiveness. If this is a new build, you could investigate placing it in the lower third of the wall instead, but that is a MUCH more difficult installation technique and is complicated by furniture placement as well.

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