Realistic gas fireplace w/out too much depth

ruthmiamibeachSeptember 4, 2007

I've been obsessing about getting The Best, ceramic glass, clean face (direct vent gas fireplace), but construction reality has set in. We have a TINY "great room" (ha ha), 13' x 14". Most units I've been thinking about jut out almost 2 feet into the room. Guess I need to give up on ceramic and clean face?

Soooo, I need to come down to earth and find a realistic gas fp that doesn't stick into the room so much. It is the only heat source but only for summer/fall months in Vermont.

How is the Heat N Glo 6000 series? Other recommendations?

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If it's space you are concerned about, look into the Slim Line Series by H & G. The SL-750TRS is a good unit and the output is very much the same as the 6000 (other than the 6000GLX). The differance is in depth (viewing area size is the same at 36"), the 750 is 16 1/4" and the 6000's are 21 1/2" deep. You gain a little more floor space with 750, and you still get your Ceramic Glass. The new TR version of the 750 offers a Clean Face conversion, and though they come standard with Acrylic Glass, you can also upgrade that to the Ceramic and add a Brick Kit to have a similar look as the TRS, just a little less heat (24,300 max BTU output vs. 30,000+ w/ 6000/750TRS).

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monessen puts out a unit that is 16" ddep also look at there clean faced units aren't on there yet but it is called bldv400

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After looking on-line today there are new models that are as thin as a flat screen TV.

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I looked around quite a bit for the most realistic gas fireplace I could find and settled on a Lexington Forge LXV36. It was the best looking by far and I went to see just about every brand out there. They use a "pan" type flame system that spreads out the flame instead of the typical pipes that most sets use. People can't believe it is not real when I tell them. it is not that deep either.
Here is a pic.

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Don't know if you are still looking but Napoleon makes a model that is clear faced and 15" deep.

From Monessen look for the BLDV series fireplaces.

I would suggest checking out they seem to have a wide selection and reasonable pricing. It all comes down to what you want it to look like and cost.

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