REFI question

RooseveltLMay 23, 2012

I refi primary residence last August to 15 FRM. Contacted the same mortgage broker to take advantage of lower rates before I pay too much into interest and reset the loan terms.

Broker indicates the investor only purchased in January so I must wait 6 months? I contacted him assuming I could take advantage of the paperwork they already have but prefer not to miss out on the current low rates. Based on others with experience seeking opinions which options below is best action:

a. contact bank directly to reduce rates

b. wait 6 months?

c. contact another retailer/mortgager to process immediately at current rates?

d. keep the current rate which is about .75 above current 15 yr FRM?

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Refinancing fees are usually so high, it makes more sense to just pay the loan off early instead of doing another refinance. You come out the same or ahead.

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