Does anyone have experience with Appalachian flooring?

ConancFebruary 28, 2009

Hi There,

Has anyone used Appalachian flooring at all? I believe it is made by Anderson. We are looking at pre-finished 3 1/4" (3/4" thick) solid hardwood in Red Oak.

Any information you can provide would be most helpful.

Thank you!

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I have seen large samples in a store that is about 1 hour from me and the wood looks like it is a nice quality. Wish I could help more.

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Thanks, lynn. I think Appalachian Flooring is owned by Anderson which seems to have a good reputation. Maybe someone here could confirm.

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Cognanc, I am sure Anderson Flooring has a division called Appalachian Flooring but I am not sure the Canadian Based company is the same as this American Division. Maybe someone else can find this information for us.

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Hi Lynn,
You are right -- it does not look like the Canadian based company is owned by Anderson. I am hoping that someone out there has some information on this company. We have some Red Oak samples that are very nice. Thanks!

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I can tell you that I have looked at dozens of brands at a half-dozen retailers here in Louisiana and I keep going back to the Appalachian. We are about to break ground on our new home and I will have 3000 sq. foot of wood floor installed.

It's a done deal for me.

Appalachian Vineyard in Cabernet.

Color: Cabernet Wood Species: Hickory
Part: VYH6796
Brand: Appalachian
Collection: Vineyard
Thickness: 1/2"
Width: 6.25"
Hardness Rating (PSI): 2300
Profile: Vineyard Bevel
Type: Engineered
Material: Hickory
Scientific Name: Carya spp

Here is a link that might be useful: Anderson Appalachian Vineyard Cabernet, hickory

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Cajunmike, the floor you chose is beautiful. Please do post pics when the floor in installed.

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lynn2006. I will surely take bunch of photos and post them here. I'm even going to put the wood in my kitchen.

Also, I know monitor settings can be all over the place but the photo on Applachian's website does not come close (at least on my monitor) to what that Vineyard Cabernet looks like in person. Very rich looking!

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cajunmike, Thank you for letting me know the floor is even prettier in person. I can't wait to see the pictures since after my busy season will be the time for me to make my final decision on what floor will replace this always dirty looking beige rug. One of my neighbors is waiting for me to make a decision since she feels I have good taste and do research. I wish I trusted myself as much.

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lynn2006: You can book it that if I go into a store that when I pick out something it's going to be the most expensive piece in the store. The Appalachian isn't cheap. Best price I have received locally installed is 13.32 a sq. foot. That's floated. The flooring alone is 9.05 which is better than all the online vendors I've checked.

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Thanks for your responses!

link7881 -- Did you use the Appalachian Flooring out of Canada and not the Anderson owned Appalachian?

CajunMike - the floor is beautiful....unfortunately out of our price range. Will look for your photos.

Lynn -- when will you make your final decision?

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I was just looking at some flooring and the Appalachian samples stood out immediately. The quality of the product looks tremendous. Good Engineering and build quality.

I'm looking at the Tigerwood 3/4' or the Jatoba 3/4' We have red oak natural cabinets, but we're not sure how the samples are going to contrast against the cabinets. I can get each for $6 sq. and that seem very reasonable.

I really want to try some of this but can't find it anywhere. Novawood is a supplier to wholesalers. This looks unreal...

Choices, Choices....

Here is a link that might be useful: Tarara Wood

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Conanc, I had planned to have new floors in before the 2008 year end but first I wanted to install Akoya Bone Porcelain Tile in my two foyer areas so the grout would not scratch the hardwood floors. I had so many problems with installers that the job was not completed until the end of the year so that is why I now have to wait until my tax season ends since I am a CPA. I am taking a break as I eat dinner to read posts since I have been doing tax returns all day. The beige carpet in my home office is about 19 years old (I finally figured it out based on when the place was built... I had not realized I have lived here now past 12 years) and steam cleaning it no longer is getting it clean. I want to replace all the carpeting downstairs with a pretty engineered hardwood floor that will hold up to clients visiting to drop off paperwork and hold up to my 4 little toy dogs that do not shed that range from 4 lbs to 8.5 lbs. My equipment can't stand the dust that this rug creates and I would prefer a floor that is easier to keep clean and be better for my allergies. I love my new tiles and I know I will love my new floor once I make a final decision.

I still have not decided what I will do with the floor in my kitchen that is lineoleum and needs to be replaced.

Surprisingly the carpets upstairs are in good shape. If funds were available, I would do even my upstairs but I can only change the flooring downstairs since all my appliances keep breaking and needing to be replaced. In a few years, everything may be new in my home so I better stay here for awhile.

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David, thank you so much for letting us know that their is two different Appalachian Flooring companies and that is why there is a loot of confusion.

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I have installed Appalachian engineered flooring and I wouldn't do it again. It looks good. The thickness of the veneer seemed excellent. However, it damages very easily. It doesn't merely dent when something falls on it. The dent has sharp, cracked edges, making it even more unsightly and noticeable. Customer service is extremely prompt and attentive, but they don't stand by their product. The rep actually told me that when her floors were first installed she worried about every "dent", but now she is used to it. When I sent the picture (attached here) they decided it was normal. I have lived with hardwood floors my entire (long) life. The old floors had NO denting problem. The 70 year old solid wood oak floors in the upper level of my current home are virtually dentless despite lots of abuse. Chairs scrape them, things are dropped on them.. The finish isn't perfect, but the floor is fine. The same is true of the 30 year old engineered floors on the main level. The finish has worn in places, but the floors are undented. I installed solid maple flooring (not Appalachian) in a new room about 10 years ago. It is totally dented. However, these are dents, not little round cracked areas which appeared in my Appalachian flooring. Something has changed with hardwood floors over the years. I previously lived in a civil war era house with maple floors. Once sanded and finished, the floors were perfect. No high heels or dropped objects affected them. At any rate, I can say that the kind of "denting" in Appalachian engineered flooring makes them an extremely poor bet in terms of wear. Maybe you have to live with dents these days, but at least let them have smooth round edges.

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