Hallagan Upholstered Furniture?

DruidClarkMarch 25, 2005

Anyone ever hear of the Hallagan furniture company? We stopped in a central Penn furniture store today and sat in a chair or two. Comfy. Seem well made. Never heard of the company. Have any of you?



PS eight-way, hand tied, hardwood, made in USA (Newark, NY) and they accept COM!

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A local furniture store in Ct that sells med to high end furniture (from highland house sofas at the lower end to DR Dimes arm chairs at 1800.00 ea at the high end). They only sell Highland House and Halligan sofas. They tell me that Highland House is good quality but Halliigan sofas are built like rocks! Hands down more solid than Highland House.


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Thanks for the followup. I took another look at Hallagan (Haligan?) and thought it looks solid, I wasn't in love w/ anything. Sigh. The search continues....

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Sorry, it is Hallagan. Good Luck, my search continues, also.

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hallagan furniture is made in my home town of Newark NY it is a small town and my dad is the plant manager there! so we have had hallagan furn. all of our lives! very good and durable truly are built like rocks. they have gotten a lot more comfy in the past 10 years, try the 1+ person chairs, not quite the size of a loveseat but soooo comfy!

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I'm looking to find out how to contact Hallagan Furniture to get an account with them. I am a decorator and like their line. Any ideas? I have tried to find them online but cannot. Thanks, Judi

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I think I tried to email you, but my email was rejected. Not sure where you can find Hallagan contacts. Try doobjean, she's closely related.

It's in Newark, NY. I'm sure it must be in the yellow pages, but it appears there's no website!

Let me know if you are able to establish contact, I would be interested in how you use the furniture in your designs.


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I bought a leather chair from Hallegan through a high end store here in Buffalo about 7 years ago. It is very comfortable and well built. However, the leather is not holding up very well on the arms and the back of the chair. Otherwise I really like it. The store in Buffalo has closed.

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Just came across this thread. If you can find the style you like, I would buy a Hallagan sofa hands down!
Right now I'm sitting on a Clayton Marcus sofa. The price and syle were right at the time. The cushions are beginning to sag and the upholstry is pilling.
No problems with my Hallagan sofa and it is older.
There are so many variables when buying a sofa. So much is hidden. Can you REALLY trust the salesperson? Do they REAlly know what they're talking about? This website sure helps with decisions! Good Luck!

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I just bought a Hallagan sofa about a month ago. The place I bought it sells very nice furniture and it's a mom and pop store that's been around for more than 50 years. They told me it's an extremely well made sofa and that it's guaranteed for life on everything expect the fabric (meaning hopefully I won't have to worry about anything breaking in the near future). I have to say that it is extremely comfortable and I'm looking at getting the chair that matches. I did a little searching on the company before I purchased it and everything that I found said that it's a good company. Seems to be sold by several designers and in mid to higher end stores. The store was clearing out their furniture that they had on the floor and I purchased it for $1500 (with a grade 38 fabric on it) and to be quite honest, it is at least as comfortable as the $3200 Hickory White sofa that I was looking at at another furniture store. I couldn't find anything at that price (not even junkier sofas) and I just I couldn't pass it up!!!

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I WOULD NEVER BUY HALLAGAN COUCHES AGAIN. We bought our couch at Bryant on 247 US Highway 46, Mine Hill, NJ 07803, back in October 2007.

We receive the couch and my wife loved it (she was thinking about getting the love seat) until a couple of days later, she noticed some fuzz on the couch (the fuzz looks like dust was sitting on the couch and that the couch looked like it was 10 years old).

She called Bryant and they said to "shave the couch" (the ownerÂs son Tom said this). My wife said that she was not going to do that because if she does something to the couch she would be responsible. So, Bryant sent someone to our house to "Shave the couch", and the rep from Bryant said that he "would be here for a week to shave the couch" and the "Fabric is defective".

We had a sales rep come from Hallagan to our house to take pictures (which you could not see the fuzz because I took multiple pictures from all different angles) and the arm protector back to Hallagan to investigate. He said that there was nothing wrong with the fabric (no surprise since he worked for Hallagan). What was making the fuzz is the polyester in the fabric.

I talked to Ted the owner of Bryant and he said that he sold 12 couches last year and got 4 complaints about the couch. Now if I do my math correctly, that is a 33% dissatisfied customers, which gives him and Hallagan a 67% customer satisfaction rate (he was so proud of this). In my book, that is failing grade.

Few weeks later we received a faxed letter mailed to us from Bryant. In the letter, it stated that there was no defect on the fabric (of course because Hallagan does not want the couch returned to them).

Not satisfied, I called Hallagan. (Newark, NY 315-331-4640) and asked for the owner (Walt). Of course he was not there. Later that day I get a phone call from the same sales rep to come back with Bryant to my house, I agreed. Again he said that there was nothing wrong with the fabric. They offered us two options, which we did not like. There guarantee for the fabric does not cover fading, shrinking, pilling or abnormal use (for one year). Our fabric is not doing any of the 4 things that is not covered.

A couple of weeks later, someone came over to look at another piece to re-cover for us and my wife had them look at the couch. She said that the problem is the cotton fiber breaking down and not the polyester. The fuzz will get worse as time goes on. She said that the fabric is defective. She also said that they should take the couch back and give us a new couch. She asked what the customer services said, and we laughed because they do not have one.

We are still fighting this with Bryant and Hallagan since December 2007.

Bottom line, DO NOT BUY HALLAGAN FURNITURE! I would not recommend them to anyone.

Bryant in Mine Hill, NJ sucks and if you live near Mine Hill do not shop there. They will do nothing for you expect take your hard earn money and run.

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The above post has come to our attention and we would like to clear up some things. The Bryant rep. who visited the Moore's house never said that the fabric was defective. We never told the customer we received 4 complaints about the cover they chose. We sold that fabric to many customers with no problems. We had a sold order with the same cover only in a different color in our store that looked the same as the customer's fabric. We invited the Moore's to inspect this other pc. but they refused to even look at it.

As an act of good will Hallagan Mfg. and Bryant's Furniture issued a check for $350 to the customer which they cashed 10/14/08.

Bryant's Furniture has been in business for 86 years and we stand behind our reputation. We were voted by the Daily Record readers Morris County's Best Furniture Store 15 years in a row. Hallagan Mfg. has been in business for over 100 years. Obviously neither is going to "take your hard earned money and run" like the post says.

Samuel T. Bryant Furniture Inc.

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