Smallest Pellet Stove?

Switching2WoodSeptember 16, 2005

I've been scouring the web for info on whether a very small pellet stove is on the market.

I'm looking for something that . . .

Will heat a single 15x15 room. So figure 200-400 sq. ft..

I want it to be a variable unit - that is, not either high or off. It needs to be able to feed pellets at a very slow rate.

Finally, I want to be able to run it off of a thermostat.

Oh yeah, and I'd prefer to spend less than 1500 for it without installation.

Does this unit exist? If not, let's start a business.

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I don't think it exists. I also don't think you could make money selling something like this.

There are many logistical problems with what you are proposing. The biggest-after the initial costs to actually get something like this tested and on the market-is that in order to keep the fire actually burning, the pellets must feed at a rate that will keep it burning. Thus, most pellet stoves cannot handle a very slow rate of burn. That's why you don't see any pellet stoves that will only heat a couple hundred sq. ft.

Reliant used to sell the smallest unit I have ever seen. I think it heated 900 sq. ft. I sold one once, after I had used it in my own home for a season. It was the biggest piece of crap there ever was that called itself a pellet stove. I do not know if it is still being produced. But, I will tell you that it was a daily nightmare to clean and it would go out in the middle of the night sometimes.

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robert_flannery look at the mini pellet stove.

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Hey Robert, thanks. Looked pretty cool.

I guess the question I have to answer is. . .

at the lowest setting, will it overheat a 400 sf space?

I saw a Harman that claims 0-60,000 BTUs, which suggests that you could put it in a 20x20 room. The question then is price, which is too high for my budget.

Thanks again.

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I can't tell you if the mini is too much. The Harman is 0-60,000 with the on/off thermostat. The Harman and Mini can both be put on thermostats. I don't think they come much smaller the 8,000 btu since they can only limit fuel so much before the fire goes out. You can play with pellet brands to get a cooler pellet but they will leave more ash and need cleaned out more often.

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Here's a link I found for a small pellet stove that I'm considering buying.

Here is a link that might be useful: Small Pellet Stove

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The Thelin Gnome is, from one site I found, almost $3,000!!!

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The Little Gnome is a great stove. I love the DC. Just keep in mind it's manually lit. It has a very small foot print and many people like the pot belly stove look. Make sure you get an ash vac with this stove.
Another small footprint stove is Harman's Accentra. It has a rating of 0-40,000 btu's and by using a thermister control does not have limited heat settings, but rather an infinite heat choices between 0 and 40k. (realistic low burn is about 8,000 Btu's- the '0' just lets you know it turns itself off and on. It has a cast pad that was tested with it so it takes up less room than the standard hearth pad requirements. This one has the ability to constantly regulate the temp in the room to help prevent over/underheating, which may be good considering how small the space is.

Here is a link that might be useful: Harman Stove Company

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small masonry stove, anyone?
small pellet manufactory
small pellet insert?

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If anyone comes across a pellet stove even SMALLER, more portable and affordable than the little Gnome, please e-mail me. I know the technology is out there...

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