Any Idea about cost to install DV freestanding fireplace?

hydro3September 21, 2008

Hi there I was wondering if anyone out there had an idea of how much it would cost to install the exhaust setup for a DV stove? I am going to need about 6-feet of flat black DV pipe, up to the ceiling, and then penetrate the ceiling and the roof and the terminations up above. Anyone have any ideas on costs? I am located in Boise, idaho.

Thanks for any info.

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My guess is it will probably take 2 guys at least a whole day to complete the installation. So do the numbers: hourly rate for 2 guys with multiple specialized knowledge and maybe some kind of certification -- check with your local building codes to find out any special requirements. Then multiply that hourly rate by 10. That's just a guess. It could be a lot more, depending on unknowns, like what do we find when we drill through the roof.

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