Remove stainless steel liner?

dcumba99pSeptember 22, 2008

We bought a house with a fireplace that used to have an insert. We didn't want to keep the insert (old, ugly, loud) so it's gone, but the flexible stainless steel liner in the chimney is still there and in great shape. Are there options to use the fireplace? We would rather not remove the liner in case we decide to have a stove or better insert, but we don't know what we're doing or when considering the run on wood stoves and inserts in our area We did have the chimney inspected, and it's fine.

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Can you please explain "loud"?

By removing the insert you have created a heat LOSER in your home. Fireplaces have "negative" efficency. The heat in your house will go right up the chimney.
You will have to remove the 6" liner if you wish to use the fireplace as it needs the larger opening to operate properly.
You should have left the "ugly" insert in place, painted it with some stove paint, used it this season and prepared to get a new one next year. The old insert was there for a reason. It saved money on heat.

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