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tlanganMay 2, 2007

Has anyone had experience with ASI or Fidelity insurance companies in Florida? I have quotes from both. Fidelity's quote is less expensive but ASI is a better rated company. We are building a new home in Florida and our current compnay, ERie, will not offer coverage in Florida. Would love to get input from folks who have had experience with either. Any other suggestions would also be welcome. Thanks.

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Where in FL are you building?

I just left the state due in large part to escalating homeowners insurance issues, as are thousands of other folks. Many people I know there are turning to Citizens (the state backed insurance) because they are much cheaper than standard firms.
If you are going to be in a storm prone area, make sure you carefully review the methods of calculating your deductible (it is often a % of the homes value rather than a fixed amount), and also double check your understanding of windstorm coverage which is now required separate from normal hazard insurance.Good luck.

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Thanks for the info. WE are building in Palm Coast, just south of St. Augustine. I will check with Citizens and see what they offer. I went to an independent insurance broker and the two he recommended were ASI and Fidelity. No mention of Citizens. I will ask him about it and also get further clarification on the deductible. I asked for a 1,000.00 deductable policy and that is, supposedly, what I was quoted. But, better know now rather than later. Terri

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Also find out how the premiums would change for a higher deductible. If the premiums are significantly lower, you could put the difference in a savings account to cover the higher deductible in the event of a loss.

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I have had experience with Fidelity in Florida and it was
not a good experience.But this was Mutual Funds not homeowners insurance. Read The Fine Fine Print and look for hidden fees
clauses, etc.

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hey tlangan,where about in palm coast i m in the S section

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