Hartford Insurance Co. class action law suit

arizonaroseMay 9, 2007

I posted this in another forum but didn't get any response so I'm posting it here...

Have any of you been involved in the class action law suit

against Hartford Ins. Co.? My hubby filled out some forms awhile back, and today he got a letter saying the law suit has been settled & he just needs to sign & return a form & he will receive from $150.00 to $250.00 depending on which class he's in.

I searched on the internet, and did find some info on this, so I guess it's real...not a hoax or something.

Anyone here receive anything about this? One website said there were about 700 thousand people involved.

In this day & age I tend to be suspicious of stuff like this, so hope I hear from someone who has more info on this.


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I'm not involved in this and I suppose no one else who frequents the forums is either. It's a waiting game if you've filled out and sent in the requested papers. The lawyers and everyone else gets paid out of any settlement first - those involved in bringing the class action suit will be the last to get paid. I'm surprised the payout is as much as you mention. I've trashed a lot of these over the years since my share of any settlement was generally less than the postage required to respond to it.

Be patient - there's not a thing you can do till the check's in the mail. And that could be weeks or months.

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Thanks so much for your reply!! Yes we filled out all the papers etc, and they just sent a form to be signed...we shall see. Got nothing to loose anyway.

Thanks again :-)

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I was told that the checks will be mailed on August 27, 2007. So in reality, that's not too long to wait. Hope this helps. And, no, it is not a fraud or scam.

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Not sure what Hartford insurance issue is being litigated, but DH and I got similar notices around some life insurance policies from another company maybe 8 years ago. He signed. I checked the other box as I had a serious bone to pick with them - and great records.

He was 'awarded', with the class, a settlement of some term life insurance - now expired = useless. I submited an extensive letter with much documentation about my 'issues' with them over decades. They sent me $20,000 and a bunch of stock as a settlement.

Not bad.

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So, why bother filing a class action suit if people only get a couple hundred bucks and the lawyers make all the money?

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So, why bother filing a class action suit if people only get a couple hundred bucks and the lawyers make all the money?

Who do you think files the lawsuit?

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I don't know anything about the Hartford suit. But just this week I got a check in the mail for $255.01 for a windshield I had replaced in my 2003 Honda Element. It was bad glass, lots of problems that were obvious if you followed the enthusiast websites. Had Honda done a recall like they should have, it would have been a lot cheaper. This way, they refund my my $255.01 (along with everyone else who sends in their receipt) AND get to pay the lawyers!

Yep. Class actions suits usually benefit only the attorneys, and to some degree, believe it or not, the company. Most folks will not opt out, so whatever measley settlement comes along is all they'll ever get -- insulates the company from a lot of individual suits.

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