Help what do you think of my NOOK

housecrazy1970September 9, 2007

Ok heres a drawing of my proposed kitchen. Feel free to comment on any aspect. The layout of apliances I havnt spent to much time on. we still havnt broken ground but we are about to start digging foundation this week. My question is on the built out nook in sink area. I am making my final decision as to weather or not I want this. I think it adds an interesting architecturel element to the kitchen. It will have windows on each side that crank out , and a large fixed window in the front. How do I handle the end of the cabinets on the sides of the build out, do I use angles or end them straight? will the side next to the breakfast nook look odd because the angles of the adjacent walls are different. I want something that will add a wow to my kitchen not a Why did you do that! What are your thoughts. I need to make up my mind in the next 2 - 3 days so help!!!!!

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sory moving to kitchens and home building.....accidently put it in wrong forum!

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